The key features

So that you take full advantage of your finder!


Call the finder

This is how it works: Attach the finder to anything you would like to track, install the app and let the finder ring if necessary - find everything!

This also works the other way around - if you press any finder's button, your smartphone will ring.

Be notified

The app will let you know, when you are about to let something behind - like your backpack in a café oder the teddybear on a park bench. Your smartphone will ring, or the finder as well, so no loss will remain unnoticed!


Track location

The finder is not equipped with a build-in GPS module, but can be located nonetheless in connection with your phone. 

The app stores the last position, where finder and smartphone shared a connection. When you go search for the finder there, you can locate it over the signal strength.

More details about this feature in FAQ.

Track all your favorite items

musegear finder can keep track of more than 10 items. That should cover all your important belongings.

Please notice, that the number of possible pairings can vary depending on your smartphone model.


Easy App

The finder's purpose is to save time.

That is why the app is build as slim and intuitive as possible. All important feature are right there on one screen. Everyone should be able to use it, even the hale senior!

Remote release

A little delicacy on top: Everyone of your finders can function as a remote release for selfies and group shots.


Use via voice assistant

Never let yourself be slowed down in finding - Siri can assist you as fast as possible.

Fairness is our top priority. Also: Your data belongs to you!

Our app is 100% Made in Germany and guarantees the highest data protection standards.

We will never collect any personal data.

No account constraint, no recurring costs, no subscription.