Using finder

finder can do so much more than just look after your keys.

How about…

…your personal money saver?

You need your laptop, tablet, AirPods or headphones and other expensive gear all the time. Not knowing where they are is a real pain. It just takes a moment’s distraction and your tech stays behind. On a train, in a coffee shop…

Been there? Let finder help you.

…the world’s best tear dryer?

Some things get more attention than all the others. Some things can mean the world. Your kid’s cuddly toy is one of them. 

Friends are not made to split, and when they do, worlds fall apart. Now you can dry the tears as fast as they came!

…your dependable companion?

Raise your hand if you’re always able to quickly find your bike at uni. Between the bikes of hundreds of your fellow students. vor der Universität sein Fahrrad zwischen hunderten wiederfindet, der möge die Hand heben!

No-one? Well then: musegear finder can! Just stick it under the seat and you’ll never find yourself wandering aimlessly between the racks again.

And then there’s…

…the key ring to rule them all.

Rough day at the office and all you want to do now is to kick back on your sofa. Walk up to your door, put the key in the lock, and… snap! And as you rummage for your keys, you start dreading the worst... 

Chain finder to your keys and you’ll always get the end of the day you deserve. You can even be notified if you leave your desk without your keys in your pocket. 


…the housemate reconciliator.

So you made it through the door, finally sat down, when… you can’t remember who used the remote last night. And why does everybody have to put it somewhere else?

Good thing finder comes with a sticky pad. Because it’s better to pop in a film than pop a vessel.

…the potential lifesaver.

Managed to replace the cat without anyone noticing? Phew! But there is a simpler way.

Just be notified the next time your cat tries to make a run for it. Or the rabbit dug a hole under the fence. Or the dog went to explore the park on its own.