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March 23, 2017

“Out of sight, out of mind!” – that is probably how most people feel when they are looking for the key, purse or smartphone. With our clever and simple solution musegear® finder we want to help you to save time, so that you always have your belongings at hand.


What is the musegear® finder anyway?

The musegear® finder is a small pendant that can be hung on a key, put in a purse or glued to a smartphone. Thanks to a power-saving Bluetooth connection, the tracker is always connected to your mobile phone. As soon as the musegear® finder moves too far away from your smartphone, you will immediately see a push message on the display – or be notified by a warning tone.

But sometimes we do not even find our valuables when they are right in front of us. Therefore, the musegear® finder can also be conveniently located via the iOS or Android app. This makes itself noticeable by built-in speaker.


How can the musegear® finder help you to make your life easier?

Studies have shown that in Germany alone, everyone over 24 hours a year is busy finding something that has been lost. These include keys as well as bags, purses and of course the smartphone. These items are mostly but not lost, but just in an unfavorable place or covered by another object.

Musegear® finder thus has the potential to save you several hours of search time and search frustration, which you would spend looking into trouser and jacket pockets and browsing drawers. Because the tracker uses Bluetooth technology, they can connect up to 50 meters in the open area. In closed rooms, of course, the range decreases a little.

If the musegear® finder is within this radius, you can locate it by app at any time and locate it with an easily audible tone. And if the musegear® finder is outside the Bluetooth range of the smartphone? No problem! Optionally, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone if the connection is lost and you know immediately that you have moved too far away from your musegear® finder, and thus from your keychain or other objects.

And if you are holding the finder in your hand but are looking for your smartphone? Again, you will be helped. Since the musegear® finder is connected to the smartphone, you can use it to find your smartphone. If you press the button for four seconds, your smartphone will emit a loud, audible signal – even in silent mode!


Which applications are there for the musegear® finder?

We have already listed some uses for the musegear® finder in this article, but the usage scenarios are much more comprehensive. The musegear® finder is not only practical and helpful on the keychain but can also be used for remote controls, backpacks, handbags or luggage.

Anyone who has small children knows how happy they are to lay their things – dolls, favorite stuffed animals or other toys. Also in this case you will be helped. All these items can be easily and conveniently provided with a musegear® finder and will not be lost anymore.

You can start immediately with the find: The battery is already included, as well as a strap or adhesive pad to attach to smooth surfaces. You can easily attach the finder to any valuables to make sure that nothing is lost so easily.

The result is a lot of recovered, free time. Have fun with it!

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