User Guide

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Step 1:

Get the app

Download the app from http://bitly/finder-reg or simply scan the QR code below.

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Step 2:

Turn on Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. To activate Bluetooth, tap on Settings > Bluetooth.

Step 3:

Sign up

Start the app and tap on Sign up.

Step 4:

Pair finder with your phone

Make sure Bluetooth is activated.
Place finder close to your phone.
Press and hold finder’s button until you hear a beep and see the LED flash.

Step 5:

Find your phone using finder

Your phone must be connected to finder with the app running (in the background).
Press finder’s button to make your phone ring.

Step 6:

Find finder using the app

Your phone must be connected to finder. Open the app and tap the ring icon.
finder will beep and the red LED will flash.

Step 7:

Camera remote

finder’s button doubles as a camera remote so you’re never left out of a group shot again.

Step 8:

Know your finder

1. Eyelet
2. Button to pair with your phone, wake up finder or take photos.
3. Groove to open finder
4. LED

Step 9:

Change the battery

1. Use the included pick or another flat object to open finder at the groove.
2. Remove the old battery and insert a new one.
3. Put the cover back on and press the button to pair finder with your phone again.

Any questions?

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