Routine instead of annual resolutions – not a cliché


December 30, 2017

So, just before the New Year, it’s time to think about the New Year’s resolutions. How useful are these actually? Do we really want to undertake something that we really know will not turn into more than a nice idea of ​​how we would like to be? Are there any people who stick to it or even surpass their intentions?

Personally, I am a person who does too much at once but is ultimately disappointed with how little has been realized.

That’s why, a few years ago, I decided to do it the other way around: I do not anticipate what I want to achieve. No, I prefer to pretend that I DO NOT want to be.


And what I definitely do not want to do without is to move a lot.

Of course, one of the main reasons for staying physically fit is not the only one. In my view, exercise (and especially, to go to its limit more often in the week) is an extreme help in everyday life. As a worker, entrepreneur, student and the like, you are sometimes confronted with situations where you have to solve an extremely challenging task. You know, it does not take long to reach this goal. Nevertheless, it is associated with a high (or physical) effort – just like in sports.

In order to stop writing about the bush, today I have 5 tips for you to create a sporty rhythm, a habit or a routine, which may well be just a day or two from the sport to treat, without completely coming out of the movement. For me, these are rules that allow me to continue despite setbacks with the sport. And these rules are the following:


Number 1: it is never too hard to walk a station

Whether train station, bus or other (public) means of transport: I have made it a habit to go at least one station on foot – and preferably in the morning on the way to work. In this way, the body gets going, while the first minutes of exercise are done for the day. Of course you can go one step further and cover several stations or maybe the whole way on foot. The easiest way is by the way, if you distract yourself. Take the time, for example, to listen to a podcast on a topic of your choice. Or maybe a phone call with your best friend? You do not even believe how fast time flies.


Number 2: Take the stairs – the cliché

Yes, we’ve all heard it all too often: ‘Just take the stairs more often, that’s enough as a movement’. No, it’s not enough to skip the elevator ride to get fit or stay physically fit. Still, it can be incredibly helpful to motivate yourself to go to the 4th floor instead of driving.

In the same category, I also see short in-between walks. Whenever possible, go out for 10 or 20 minutes and take a little walk. Maybe even walk into the shop to do the shopping? Or just park the car a bit farther than usual to take a few more steps! Well, what do you think – sounds great, right?


Number 3: the evening walk

You can not imagine how useful such a small round can be in the evening. Just with the loved one, your best friend or just out alone – no matter what the weather. Unbelievably great conversations and ideas develop, time flies by and you have enough time to review the day. A great habit that I can really recommend to anyone!


Number 4: Sports

Not quite as surprising is my 4th rule: Doing some exercise. Not surprisingly, the number of units distributed over the whole week: at least 3 times 30 minutes, it should be.

Let’s face it, that’s a breeze! And believe me, it’s becoming a habit so incredibly fast! Of course you sometimes want to stay in bed if the weather does not seem so good. However, if you manage to get dressed, go out and think, ‘It’s only 30 minutes, I’ll do it for sure!’ Thanks you in retrospect – and I can guarantee that!


Number 5: removing unnecessary time wasters

It should not be underestimated how incredibly annoying it can be to go out of the house (after having to motivate yourself anyway) and face the situation, looking for his keys, cell phone, purse or similar.

And here comes our little (but very fine) musegearfinder into play! Open the app, tap the item you are looking for and hear where it rings! Or vice versa: press the button on the finder and within a very short time hold the phone in your hands 🙂

And that’s it – my 5 tips,

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