Key misplaced? The musegear finder offers best prevention


November 1, 2017

Go shopping, pick up the kids from school, postpone the appointment with the boss – our head is a busy schedule, a hopelessly overcrowded appointment book. For little things like the apartment key there is often no room. The fact that these “little things” but maybe not so small, we only feel in front of closed apartment door. And as if the rising panic is not already punishment enough, also falls to an outrageously expensive fee for the locksmith. But not only the “worst case” costs us dearly. Alone the daily search marathon after the bunch of keys brings us again and again to our limits – not to mention the valuable time we waste with hectic crunches, time in which we could comfortably put our feet up. But why complicated, if it is easy? After all, there is already a modern alternative to the medieval search for keys: the key finder. The little smart gadget does that for which we are often too distracted and forgetful, in just a few seconds. Not for nothing is the Finder the probably fastest key search engine in the world.

musgear finder – lose the secret weapon against the key

Finder there are many, but not everyone keeps what he promises – too slow, too complicated, too expensive. How good that the musegear finder can do it all at once! It’s lightning fast, useful, practical and easy to use. You can rely on this gadget!

The cheap overall package

Finder are useful, but often cost a lot of money – unlike the musegear finder. The little helper makes losing the key to the problem. Because all you need to find the key in the future is a single device: the app becomes your personal remote control. Not for nothing does the digital search engine put the expensive classic in the shade.

Key misplaced? With a peep to the finish

Key misplaced? No reason to worry! Simply turn on the beep sound on your smartphone and let it guide you to your destination! The built-in beep navigates you quickly, practically and purposefully to the lost keychain – a small revolution for those who are distracted and forgetful.

Finding keys is easy – just follow the map

We find from musegear: The world is already complicated enough – high time for something simple! So we provide you with the key search equal to the double support at hand: a beep location and a map display. Our clear map always knows exactly when and where the lost object was last located. Now all you have to do is navigate from the app to the destination!

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