How to become more organized


December 14, 2017

Do you also lose a lot of time during the day due to your disorganization? You may spend 5 minutes searching for a moved file, another 5 minutes looking for an email detailing details of an important meeting, and maybe another 10 minutes looking for today’s deadline. Do list lost somewhere in your pile of paper on your desk.

Before you realize it, you spent an hour of the day looking for things. And that is only one day! Imagine how much time you lose every week, every month and every year!

Many people are struggling with disorganization. And while some think they can be successful in the midst of chaos, they are paying a high price for this disorganization. Disorganization can keep us from getting the promotion we’ve always wanted. It can block our creativity, bring stress to our lives, and keep us from being as productive and effective as possible.

In this article we will look at some organizational strategies so that we can start to unleash our full potential.


Organize your working day

Use a notebook – One strategy that many organized people use is to use a notebook. This notebook is like a “diary” for your thoughts and what you do during the day.

For example, use your notebook to take notes when talking to a colleague or a customer. If you’re working and you need to remember to tell your boss, make a note of it in your notebook. If you have a brainstorming session in the afternoon, you can also write down your ideas there.

The advantage of a notebook is that you have all your thoughts, conversations and ideas in one place. And when things are written down, you do not have to waste any mental energy to think about everything! It is helpful to start a new page every day. In this way, you can easily flip back a few pages and find the information you need.


Organize yourself in the first 15 minutes of your day

When you go to the office in the morning, spend the first 15 minutes thinking about what to do that day. Create a task list with the most important priorities first. This gives you a solid idea of ​​what tasks need to be done first and what you can do later in the afternoon.


Make room on your desk

Your desk can often be very busy. There are old papers, future projects, files you are currently using, and a pile of papers you have not yet put away. Although some people feel they work better with a crowded desk, it is distracting to many of us.

If you want to be organized, you have to keep order on your desk. This can be a time-consuming task, so perhaps it is best to work on it at the end of the day or on the weekend. It is important to do this carefully. Especially if your desk is extremely cluttered!

Start by removing all the unimportant things from your desk. Drop documents and reports you’ve already used and discard anything you no longer need. Leave on the desk only what you need or will need.


Create a “action area” on your desk

Use this area for the things you need to complete your current project. Once you have completed the project, clear this area to prepare for your next task.


Organize things or files that you use frequently

The more often you use something, the better achievable it must be for you. Arrange your desk for utility.


How do I keep my desk tidy?

Spend five minutes at the end of each working day tidying and keeping your desk clean. In this way you can start the next day with a clear and organized workspace.


“Organizational Tools”

We live in a time when there is amazing technology. Use these to become more organized!

Use Digital Calendars or Planners – Many people use them to organize their schedules. This can be very helpful to assist you in the task! For example, you can color-code tasks with many digital calendars, such as Outlook and iCal. You can use red for urgent, green for less urgent appointments, and blue for low priority tasks. The color coding of your day helps you to quickly recognize what you have to do first.

Use finder – with the many daily tasks, it’s hard to always remember where you stored your important stuff. With finder you need not worry anymore. This little device always knows where your things are! With the help of the finder and his mobile app, you can see where you put your things with only one touch of the screen. This saves time, which you need for more important things.


Personal organization

If you find it hard to stay organized, offer yourself a reward. For example, if you’ve done four things on your to-do list, reward yourself with a cup of coffee or 10 minutes of free time to surf the internet.

Use a Calendar – You’ll never miss a calendar with a calendar. Everything in one place and you have more time.

Scan Your Documents – If you do not like to walk around the office with lots of folders, it’s better to have everything on your computer. All documents in place and you do not have to worry anymore. With just one click, everything is there where you want it.

Use finder – To make your organization perfect, use finder and never lose precious time! Finder is available in many models to suit your style.

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