How to download the “musegear finder” App? Is the app compatible with all IOS and Android versions?

You can search “musegear finder” in App Store or Google Play. Or scan the QR code in the user guide or box to download. It’s compatible with IOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.

Does the app cost anything? Are additional costs incurred?
You only pay for the musegear finder, the app is free. There are no additional or recurring costs.
Can I download the manual?
Your finder is accompanied by a manual. Alternatively, it can be downloaded here.

operation manual

Which code do I have to enter for the pairing?
You do not need a code to connect. The coupling must be done with the help of the app, not in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. When using the app you will be asked to press the button on the finder to connect. This is enough.
Can the app also be installed on the computer?
No, this is not possible. Also a web browser version does not exist. The musegear finder can either be used with your Android or iOS device (smartphone and tablet).
data sheet

Please look first in the data sheet.


Which battery is used? Can I change it myself? How long does the battery last?

The finder 2 comes with a battery CR2032 (button cell) included and already in use. The battery life is up to 12 months depending on usage.

The finder mini uses a CR2016 battery (coin cell) and is also used. The battery life is up to 6 months depending on usage.

All finder models allow you to change the battery yourself.

In the app you can always check the level of the battery (assuming connection to the finder).

What is the difference between the finder, finder 2 and finder mini?
An overview you get here.
Does the finder work with purses that block RFID / NFC signals?
No. Since RFID / NFC blockers also affect the finders’ Bluetooth signal, they can not be used in wallets with such blockers.
Does the app have to run permanently on the smartphone?
If you want to use the app to find the finder from time to time, this is possible. If the connection to the finder persists continuously and the current location is to be saved, the app must be running continuously and Bluetooth enabled.
Can the finder be used to locate children, pets or bicycles?
You can use the finder for this, however, the finder can only be located with the app, as soon as a Bluetooth connection exists (about 50 meters outside buildings, inside buildings, the range is reduced depending on the nature of the walls, reduced). Technical details on the connection can be found above.
Can I change the beep on the finder or make it louder?
No. The volume and signal melody on the finder is not adjustable.
What does the "safe Wi-Fi area" and "sleep mode" include?
This mode ensures that neither your finder nor your smartphone will sound an alarm.
I have not used my finder for a long time. Is there a way to save energy?
Select “Turn off device” in the finder app. After switching off the device, the battery power can be kept for 1-2 years.
Can I adjust the finder via the app so that it makes a sound when I move too far?
Yes, this is possible. Simply go to the menu of your finder. Here the distance to the finder is displayed with 4 rings, together with the message, whether a connection exists or not. Now slide the screen to the left. Here you activate the slider “finder alarm”. You will be notified when the connection to the finder is lost.
Can I also find my smartphone using the finder?
Yes, that works too. All you have to do is press the button on the finder and your phone beeps – even if it is silently set (Prerequisite: the ‘musegear finder’ app must run in the background and there must be a connection).
Here are the steps to go:
  1. Go to the musegear finder app
  2. Choose the finder you want
  3. Slide to the right at the bottom
  4. More Details
  5. “Disable find phone” must be deactivated
Now you should be able to ring your phone when pressing and holding the finder’s button.
Can I pass the search permission to another smartphone with the app?
You can mark the finder as lost. This will notify you when another user of this app finds your finder.
How does the finder crowd network work if I have misplaced my finder?
There is a possibility that you will report your finder as lost in the app. Then you will automatically be notified of the position if your finder is in the Bluetooth range of another user of the app (so-called finder crowd network). It ensures that other users can not see or locate your finder at any time.
Does the finder automatically connect to the smartphone when it comes in Bluetooth range?
Yes. However, this may take a few moments depending on the currently used transmit interval of the finder. Alternatively, you can manually trigger a location in the app by tapping on the finder icon surrounded by the range rings.
How many smartphones can I connect to one finder?
You can only connect one finder with a smartphone. However, if you want to connect your finder device to another smartphone, you must deconnect the finder device or delete the app.
How many finders can I connect to the app?
You can connect up to five finders to an account. The use of more finders is currently only possible if you create additional accounts.
What technology does the finder use? Does it work via Bluetooth or via GPS?
The finder is connected to your smartphone without Bluetooth. He has no GPS. You must be within a radius of 50 meters to locate the finder. If you lose your finder, you can see in the app, where was the last connection – the map function uses the GPS signal of your smartphone. In this case, return to the displayed location where the connection last existed. Now you can locate the lost finder.
The finder does not have its own GPS module. Devices with GPS module require a SIM card to communicate their position. Such devices are heavier, larger and more expensive than the musegear finder and cause in addition to the purchase price running costs for the sim card.
What is the range?
The range is – depending on the Bluetooth technology used – depending on your whereabouts. Outside buildings, this is up to 50 meters. Inside buildings, this is reduced due to objects and walls that are between the finder and your smartphone.
Can I see in the app how far away the finder is?
The app does not display meter information, but you’ll see “tracking rings”: the more rings that weave, the closer you are to the finder.
I do not want to keep Bluetooth on all day. Does the finder work anyway?
In principle, it is sufficient to enable Bluetooth only when needed to locate finders. However, this must then be in Bluetooth range of your smartphone (max 50 meters outside, inside buildings less). If the finder is further away, no locating can take place, as the finder does not have its own GPS module, but its position can only be tracked when connected to the smartphone.
If you have activated Bluetooth permanently, your smartphone automatically records the position as long as the connection is established. If the connection then leaves, you can look in the app, where that happened, go back to the place and then locate the finder.
Is it possible to set the finder to automatically beep when I move too far away from it?
Sorry, that’s not possible. An alarm is only possible when the connection gets lost. For this, you just need to activate the option “finder alarm”.
What is "mark as lost"? My finder has long been lost, why has not it been found yet?

If your finder is lost, select “Mark as lost”. If a finder user gets near your finder with their app in the phone (foreground or background), you may receive a “device found” notification. If you have not received a notification, this is because there is no user within range of your lost tracker.

For Android phones: Every time I open musegear finder app, my finder device is disconnected or when app is in the background, I can't ring my phone with finder device.
– If the phone screen is locked, the phone automatically turns off the finder app so that the finder is disconnected.
-> Go to “Setting” – “Battery” “Close apps in lock screen”, finder app as “will not close” mark.
– Some anti-virus programs block the finder app, which runs in the background, so that the finder can not ring the phone.
-> Open your antivirus software, add the finder app to the whitelist or protected apps.
My finder disconnected when it is near me, but the map shows the disconnected location is very far from my current location.
– Location access is not allowed.
Let the finder app access the location of your phone.
– You are currently in a closed room. GPS is not available in such an environment, so the phone is located over Wi-Fi or base station, it is not accurate.
To locate and record the location, the finder relies on the GPS of the smartphone. If the GPS is not available, the phone will be located over the Wi-Fi or base station. Location priority and position error of the phone: GPS (10-50m) -Wi-Fi (100-200m) base station (hundreds of meters to miles). For this reason, the location is sometimes not precise because it may have positioned itself over the base station.
– You are currently in an outdoor environment, but there are too many tall buildings that could block the GPS signal, so positioning is not precise.
No solution.
Phone does not sound alert when the finder and phone are disconnected.
– “Telephone
alarm” is deactivated Switch on the “Telephone alarm” in the finder app.
– “Secure Wi-Fi space” is enabled and your phone is now connected to the trusted Wi-Fi you specify.
The phone will not give a warning if the finder has been disconnected in the secure Wi-Fi area. Turn off the “Secure Wi-Fi zone” and try again.
– “Sleep Mode” is switched on and the time is within the “Sleep Mode” time set by you.
Disable the power saving mode.
– iPhone: Your phone is in hibernate mode.
Switch your phone to the call mode.
– iPhone: notification is not allowed.
Allow finder app notification.
There is no notification when finder device is disconnected.
The finder app notification is not allowed
Allow musegear finder app notification.
My finder device is next to my phone. But sometimes it disconnected or has sound alert ( with 'Tracker Alert' on).
 Your phone is connected to another Bluetooth device, eg. B. with a Bluetooth speaker. This may cause the Bluetooth to become unstable and result in the finder device warning.
Try disconnecting the other Bluetooth device and see if there is still a false alarm message.
– On some phones, Bluetooth is occasionally interrupted when a call is made.
Disable the Tracker Alarm feature when making a call.
– Android phones: If the finder app runs in the background, the finder app shuts down from the operating system to save energy. Or anti-virus software blocks the finder app running in the background. This results in the finder being disconnected and an incorrect warning being issued.
Set “Do not remove finder app” in Phone Settings.
Go into their antivirus software, add finder to the whitelist or protected apps.
– In crowded places, there are too many Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, so the Bluetooth signal on your smartphone is disturbed and unstable.
Disable “Tracker Alarm” in such an environment.
I’m asked to enter a PIN when trying to pair musegear finder with my phone, what is this PIN?
You’re trying to pair the finder directly with your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
Download the finder app and connect the finder only via app.
My phone sound alert when my finder is in my pocket.
The button is being pressed and held accidentally.
You can select ‘Disable Phone Find’ in ‘musegear finder’ app to stop phone alert.
iPhone: When trying to log in the app it tells me “check internet connection”, but internet connection is good.
– The finder app may not use any data.
Go into the “Settings => finder app => Wi-Fi & Phone”, allow the finder app to use data
My telephone alarm sounds when my finder is in my pocket.
– The button is pressed by mistake.
You can select “Disable Phone Find” in the finder app to stop the phone notification.
The range is very short.
– Inside, there are too many obstacles, such as walls, doors, furniture blocking the Bluetooth signal, so that the distance to the Bluetooth connection can be less than 15 meters.
No solution.
– The current environment has other wireless interference. Like in mall or exhibitions. Due to the large number of Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi devices, the Bluetooth range in these environments is usually shorter.
No solution.
The battery of my finders lasts only a few days.
– The battery is empty.
Insert a new battery. After replacing the battery, if the same problem persists, it could be due to a faulty product. Please contact the seller for solutions.
The connection of the finder breaks off constantly.
If a technical defect on your smartphone (Bluetooth unit) can be excluded, there are the following options:
1. Make sure that no more than 3 Bluetooth devices interact with your smartphone at the same time. Unfortunately, Bluetooth can only communicate stably with 3-5 devices in parallel, depending on the quality of the Bluetooth unit used in your smartphone. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this fact, because this is so anchored in the Bluetooth specification.
2. Please remove the finder, restart your smartphone and then add the finder again.
3. Store the Wi-Fi networks you often visit – home, work, cafe … – as a “secure Wi-Fi area” (under “Settings” in the app). This will ensure that you will not get any alarms when you are in these areas.
What guarantee and return conditions are there?
We grant a warranty of 2 years. For more information on redemption, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the finder.
If I have problems with my finder device / finder app, how can I get help?
Ask your questions in the finder app -> Settings -> Feedback. We will answer your questions within 48 hours.

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