Enough of losing things?


November 16, 2017

Are you tired of misplacing and losing your belongings? Are you tired of wasting precious time looking for the car key? Your phone nowhere in sight? This is now past with the MUSEGEAR FINDER!

What is MUSEGEAR FINDER and how does this little device make your life better?

The Musegear Finder is a small Bluetooth tracker that helps you find everything in no time. In other words – with the help of this small device, you’ll never have to waste your time and nerves searching. Whether keys, purse, remote control, mobile phone, glasses, documents or whatever else you can lose. With FINDER you will find everything again – in seconds!


How does FINDER work?

The FINDER combines the analog and the digital world. FINDER consists of a Bluetooth tracker and app. The FINDER can be attached anywhere within seconds thanks to the supplied adhesive pad and fastening strap (the FINDER is so small that it will not bother you). With the associated app, locating becomes child’s play.


Let your valuables ring! And much more!

Anyone who has lost or forgot something has ever thought, “Ahh, if only I could ring it!” Your wishes come true with the help of the FINDER!


  • With just a touch of your screen you bring your wanted things to ring. The FINDER has a range of up to 50 meters! If the FINDER is within 50 meters, it will beep until you find the item you are looking for.

  • The whole thing works the other way around! Just as you can ring your FINDER with the help of the phone, you can also have your phone ring at the FINDER with the press of a button for four seconds, even if it is set to silent!

  • Selfie function: The finder can also be used as a remote trigger for your mobile phone!

  • Notification: You can be notified as soon as contact with the finder stops.

Just see where your valuable item was last! Give your memory a break. The app automatically remembers where and when it last connected to the MUSEGEAR FINDER. So if you’ve lost it somewhere in the future, you know where to look first.


Small gadget, great effect!


Loud peeping

The FINDER has a small speaker that can produce a loud beep of up to 85 decibels so you can hear your MUSEGEAR FINDER everywhere.

Simple app

The app is simple and intuitive. In it you can easily manage all your FINDER.


Rainy days are no problem. You do not have to worry about getting your FINDER wet because the FINDER is splash-proof!

Long battery life

The battery of the MUSEGEAR FINDER is replaceable and lasts about 6 months. A replaceable battery will be supplied with the FINDER.


Cost-effective & reliable

The MUSEGEAR FINDER is cheaper than classic key finder. You only need to download the app available for Android or iOS and get started. One-time purchase, no hidden costs, no subscription. Constant quality control and state-of-the-art technology ensure high quality and top range (up to 50m outside buildings).


Available in two sizes and several editions

May we introduce you? The MUSEGEAR FINDER 2 in the traditional, larger form factor. And the FINDER mini in a particularly small format. The finder 2 has a higher volume, whereas the FINDER mini stands out due to its smaller size.

FINDER is available in several editions, so that everyone can find the right finder for themselves.


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