Christmas = organizational chaos = pure stress?


December 13, 2017

Christmas time is family time – that’s what it’s called, at least in Christian circles. This family does not mean that 20 people sit at the table. Family can mean celebrating together with your partner, or sitting together with your closest friends and indulging in culinary delights. But a definition of the word ‘family’ should not be used here.

We want to show you how easy it is to make the most of this wonderful time and to be there for the people who matter most to us. Spending the day looking for things was yesterday. Or who does not know the following scenarios?

You’re in front of the door, fully packed, finally want to go to the Christmas party and then .., SCHAAATZ, I can not find my bag again! ‘ or a classic: “Honey, where are my keys?”. It’s still best if the child does not find his favorite stuffed animal, maybe even start crying.

And then it starts – the stress. One gets warm, everyone is looking for something, they are irritated and in their thoughts only with the deliciously smelling, freshly cooked food from their mum or the tasty Christmas biscuits that are already waiting for you at the table.

But now a new scenario: “Ah, honey, I already told you that you should finally load the app for the musegear finder. Look: you just press the object you are looking for and the beep is already peeping. Gosh, is not that hard, is not it? ‘

But it can be the other way around. So again on the beginning – situation in front of the door, but this time screams the man slightly hysterical: ‘SCHAATZ my cell phone is gone again.’ And let’s go the stress. But wait – why? Just press the button on the finder and be quiet. The cell phone starts to beep loud enough to locate it all over the house.

And it can go that fast. Partner is happy, child is happy. And off you go for Christmas dinner!

By the way – little tip on the edge: should your child constantly lose his favorite stuffed animal, but never wants to go out without the house? Then just open a seam of the stuffed animal and insert a finder. In this way, no annoying gadgets are visible, but the favorite stuffed animal is always to be found.

In this spirit, we wish you all a lot of joy when buying gifts and a contemplative Christmas🙂

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