5 things every woman should have in her handbag


December 12, 2017

A woman’s bag can often be her lifeline. In any kind of emergency, she will always find something in her bag to solve the problem – whether it’s a cell phone charger, first aid kit or much-needed piece of chewing gum!

It is a great pressure for women to always have everything for themselves and for everyone else. How can you ensure that you are always ready and in every situation? We are here to help you! Here’s a handful of technical items every woman should have in her purse at all times. And we’ll also tell you how to keep an eye on the purse.


Wireless charger

Of course, if your phone has only 1% battery, you have to hurry to plug it into the power outlet. This is not a problem when you are at home, but most of those things happen when we least need them. This annoying situation can totally ruin your day. That’s why it’s wise to have a wireless charger. Forget about entangled cables! These chargers have no cables and are small enough to fit in your pocket without taking up much space.



The work can be stressful. After a long day at work, you’ll want to turn off all sounds from your environment and just relax from it all. With the headphones always with you, you just have to reach into your pocket for them and you can relax. Headphones provide you with amazing isolation to stylishly listen to your favorite song, podcast or e-book. Headphones come in a variety of styles to suit any style and outfit.


Make up

A little make-up case is always useful. If you oversleep and are late and do not have time to make-up, it is good to have a small make-up case with you. Arrived at work, quickly to the bathroom and you can hang up your make-up. You have a rendezvous and the lipstick is not holding? If you have the make-up kit with you, you need not worry anymore.



New high heels and a bubble? Many women are struggling with this problem. The aim of the high heels is to make the legs longer and more beautiful. Unfortunately this is not the case in some cases. It’s hard to look sexy with sore feet. With the patches always there, there are no more problems. There are different patches, transparent and in skin color and different sizes, so that they are invisible.



On average, women spend 55 minutes a day searching for everyday things like their keys and wallets. It does not matter if you’re the guy who forgets to put his wallet in his purse or if you have the habit of losing your wallet altogether: with the finder you will not waste any more time. The finder is a small Bluetooth tracker, with which you can find your lost belongings in seconds. Just put the finder in your wallet or bag. If your wallet or bag is lost, you can use the app on your phone to make the tracker beep and find it in seconds!

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